momo yuntong wu

Momo Yuntong Wu, is an interdisciplinary artist, who currently lives and works in San Francisco bay area and Los Angeles. She obtained her master's degree in fine art from San Francisco Art Institute in 2019. Her work has been exhibited and collected in China and United States. 

My works investigate the network of ideas that shape our mutual understandings towards our physicality, the metaphysical, psychological mechanisms, philosophical enquiries, and our deep historical relations with this planet and the cosmos. This profound interconnection and intricacies of our existence and humanity mirror the same complexities that occur around us; from the vastness of the cosmos, our socio-cultural structures, down to the most microscopic of entities. These are the ideas that equally drive and propel my curiosity to explore and expand my convictions towards materiality, methodology, and approach in my practice.

Most of my work favorably utilize the element of chance, channeling my sensibility to critically engage and consider the critical aspect of time (deep time) and space (internal and external); the forces that push and pull, dynamisms that entwine and separate within the context of dualism. I believe, that these dichotomies (the yin and yang) that define the symbiosis of all living things remain as the foundational discourse conveyed within my process-oriented work. These are my interpretations and representations of available knowledge systems that distinguish and emphasize the notion of wholeness; being one with the cosmos, knowing our place in it, and embracing all its mysteries. These similarities and interconnections transformed my perception towards life; intimate dialogues that record my diverse emotions and awareness, a personalized focus of inquest through art.





2019  Contemplations of the Infinity, International Art Museum of America, San                Francisco, CA 

2016  Water and Wild, Book and Job Gallery, San Francisco, CA



2018  Yugen, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA


2019   The Power of Small Things, Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, Port Angeles,                WA

2019   25th Anniversary of the Pomona Arts Colony, Pomona Arts Colony,                         Pomona, CA

2019   Cobblestones and Lumber, SFAI Fort Mason Campus, San Francisco, CA

2019   Unfamilliar Again, Schafer Gallery, San Francisco, CA.   

2019   World of AbstractionSan Francisco Women Artists Gallery, CA.

2018   Open Book Show III, 1890 Bryant Studio, San Francisco, CA

2018   Salon Ouvert, Swell Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2017   3rd Annual Colorful Abstractions, Fusion Art

2017   Curated Exhibition, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA

2016   Curated Exhibition, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA


2018  The Emergency Has Been Every Day, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA 

2018  The United World of SFAISan Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA


2017  Chinese New Art, On-line. 

2019  Murze Magazine, Issue 6, Guernsey


2019  Cityscapes, Honorable Mention, Fusion Art


2019  The White-Dwarf, United States

2019 Moon and Tides, United States 

2018  Town of the Moon, United States 

2018  Untitled  (Mountain with Green Shade), United States 

2017  Gold Cubes , China