Located at Wenatchee River, WA.

The installation, Displaced, conceived during the artist residency at the Grünewald Guild investigates the incongruousness and insulation of communication. Two poems written distinctively in modern English and in modern Chinese are transformed into Runes and pictographs, and sewed on two scrims. The way that Runes from the early Middle Ages and pictographs from ancient China appear in an American town confounds times and spaces. They are alien and loud. The monochrome and the shape of scrim and ring are understated and concise. The translucent fabric interacts with nature (water, light, wind, etc.) around it.  


The poems of this installation are not readable, yet the purpose of words is to be read. We cannot understand the words; our forebears cannot understand what the words convey. Words are primarily abstract, and created essentially for communication. However, as literary history moving on, time creates the invisible obstruction between us in nowadays and the ancient languages which we had been constantly using. The installation is trying to communicate with this familiar strangeness. 

momo yuntong wu


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